We provide a convenient, direct-to-consumer diagnostic able to detect common respiratory infections and antibiotic resistance.

The over-prescription of antibiotics has led to the emergence of multi-drug resistant bacterial strains. Physicians currently use outdated methods such as visual diagnosis and outsourcing to labs in order to diagnose illnesses. New rapid assays approved for clinical use are fast but highly ineffective and misidentification still occurs upwards of 30%. Other techniques, such as genomic (qPCR) assays are clinically proven and accurately identify molecular pathogens, but have not been deployed in ways that benefit healthcare practice. As a result, misdiagnosis and extended treatment times remain a concern.

We aim to bridge these diagnostic gaps through a convenient, direct-to-consumer universal diagnostic station for detection of infectious agents and antibiotic resistance. Our fully automated, point-of-care technology relies on robotically integrated customized assay panels, providing rapid, accurate diagnostics information directly to the public. The panel will include viral-vs-bacterial discrimination and antibiotic detection. By providing affordable and accurate diagnostics pre-point-of-care, we will substantially reduce misdiagnosis, over-prescription of antibiotics and thus, reduce antibiotic resistance.